Press Reviews

“How Normoria manages to breathe new life into old-established design languages is worthy of all honor.”
– Sonic Seducer Magazin

“Conclusion: Normoria casts a spell over you with VOYAGE. By mixing different elements, the band has created a very unique sound. A perfect overall package, from art work to the texts, everything fits together perfectly. Hats off!”
– Dark News

“This [VOYAGE EP] is one of those releases that is instantly likable, but it genuinely gets better with each listen.”
– Steve Thomas Green from Ghost Wave Radio

“Normoria create dark electro at its finest and offer a certain party feeling. The EP is very well made and is a great pleasure to listen to.”
– Roman Golub from BadBlackUnicorn das Magazin / review of “VOYAGE” EP.

“She has a powerful voice with an almost retro Grace Slick ring. Great job with the lyrics and laser focus intent. This is music to get shit done to.”
– Sounds and Shadows Interviews, Reviews and More

“Who likes 4 energy drinks turned into songs remains to be seen. What do these energy drinks absolutely do? They taste good, very good!”
– Stephan Wolf from Sonic Seducer Magazin / review of “VOYAGE” EP.